We believe that a tightening of the Federal budgets does not have to result in limited services; and SBAlliance is ready to develop innovative solutions to meet your challenges and needs.

SBAlliance is experienced in delivering the full range of services available through the Alliant Small Business (SB) contract. We specialize in defining and implementing full life-cycle cost-effective business and technology solutions. As a quality-driven, customer-focused organization, SBAlliance has an unwavering commitment to quality performance and customer satisfaction. View our brochure to learn more about our delivering Full Life-cycle Cost-effective Business and Technology for Alliant SB.

Sponsoring Agency: U.S. General Services Administration

SBAlliance SB Contract Number: GS-06F-0663Z

SBAlliance DUNS Number: 788758808

Basic Contract Link: Alliant SB Conforming Contract

Ordering Guide Link: Alliant SB GWAC Ordering Guide

Available Order Types: CPFF, CPIF, CPAF, FFP, FPIF, T&M, and Labor Hours

Government Web Site: www.gsa.gov/alliantsb

SAM.gov Website: https://www.sam.gov/SBAlliance

Prompt Payment Terms: Applied on a task-by-task basis

E-mail: alliant@sballiance-jv.com

The SBAlliance Director of Business Development can also help you understand and navigate your options. For more information on using the Alliant Small Business contract please contact Ted Fells via email at alliant@sballiance-jv.com or by phone at (301) 577-3999 x227.