Infrastructure Services
Facilities Management
Operation & Maintenance Support
Information Assurance and Security
Security Administration
Call Centers
Service Platform and Infrastructure
Information Systems Planning
Requirements Analysis
Life-cycle Management Support
Technological Insertion
Software Enhancements
Asset Management

Application Services
Customer Services
Process Automation
Software Development
Software Testing
Computer Software Consulting Services
Cloud Computing
Relational Database Design Development
Thin Client
Analytical Services
Test and Evaluation
Contingency/COOP Planning

Management Services
Strategy and Initiatives
Legacy Interfaces/Data Migration
Program Management
Acquisition Management
Business Process Improvement
Supply Chain Management
Risk Management
Enterprise Transition Planning
Enterprise Architecture
IT Policy and Compliance
Knowledge Management
Security Management
Investment Management
Financial/Budget Management

SBAlliance specializes in defining and implementing full life-cycle cost-effective business and technology solutions. As a quality-driven, customer-focused organization, SBAlliance has an unwavering commitment to quality performance and customer satisfaction. SBAlliance is able to immediately leverage our proven situational awareness and experiences to deliver services required to meet such challenges being faced by our Client as:
  • IT Governance and Information Sharing Framework
  • Policy Gaps in Data Ownership and Data Sharing
  • Improvement to Data Visibility Between Disparate Systems and Sources
  • Secure and Trusted Information Sharing
  • Institutionalization of Information and Data Management
  • Attributed Data Controls and Business Rules
  • Data Discovery and Predictive Analysis
  • Minimizing Barriers Between Diverse Stakeholders and Partners
Leverage our proven knowledge-base and in-depth experiences to deliver the required services being sought by your clients and stakeholders.